WTHR Channel 13, President Obama makes RFRA jokes at Indiana’s expense, WTHR.com

No topic was off the table at this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, including Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law. The annual event welcomes journalists who cover the White House along with Washington politicians and media personalities.

This year’s featured entertainer was Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong, but the president had his own jokes to deliver including poking fun at Indiana’s R-F-R-A law regarding his alleged bro-mance with Joe Biden.

“He’s not just a great vice president he’s a great friend. We’ve gotten so close that in some places in Indiana they won’t serve us pizza anymore.” And, he followed with this: “I hope everyone enjoyed dinner. We tried to get Memories Pizza to cater this event but they hear a rumor Barney Frank might be here. So, thanks a lot Barney. We could have had that world famous Indiana pizza.”

This year, the president also made fun of politicians preparing for the 2016 elections as well as the recent controversy surrounding the Secret Service.

President Obama makes RFRA jokes at Indiana’s expense – 13 WTHR Indianapolis