Letter: Beware the secular left, Pensacola News Journal

I cannot remember a time when Christians have been attacked more by the secular left than they are today.

Secularists not only demand tolerance of their values and beliefs, but seek to destroy those whose values and beliefs are grounded in the Bible. Christians are called bigots, racists, and homophobic.

Andy Marlette, the PNJ cartoonist, exemplifies the secular left. His April 1 cartoon depicted Joseph and Mary being refused a room at an inn with a caption of Joseph saying to Mary “He cited a Religious Freedom Law.”

And in his April 4 cartoon, Andy quoted the Bible verse “beware false prophets which come to you in sheep clothing” to depict Senator Cruz as a false prophet for defending Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA).

Andy’s political satire only helps spread secular humanistic lies and buries the truth about the RFRA. Nineteen states have RFRAs and they are modeled on the “Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act” of 1993 which states government must have a “compelling interest” or strong reason before it interferes with someone’s freedom of religion. It should have also included protection from falsehoods and misinformation practiced by secularists who reject or exclude religious considerations.

— Kenny Worthington, Pensacola

Pensacola Bay

I write to you to discuss the welfare of our beloved watershed Pensacola Bay. Comprised of Pensacola Bay, Escambia Bay, Blackwater Bay, East Bay, and Santa Rosa Sound, this basin is spread out over 7,000 square miles among Florida and Alabama.

Naturally, Pensacola Bay is near to our hearts and the birthplace of recreation far and wide. Sadly, this basin is facing soil erosion, turbidity, sedimentation, contaminated waters and loss of sea grass. These are all serious issues that need to be attended to, many of which we as a community can intentionally seek to prevent.

I think as a community we need to join together and work to preserve our environment rather than continuing to feed into its demise. We can help prevent and reverse these adverse effects by reducing our use of pesticides, reducing our pollution (i.e., smoking, littering, etc.), and minimizing driving on unpaved roads, just to name a few.

By choosing to do these things we can truly make a difference in our community and help Pensacola Bay stay clean and healthy.

— Krista Shelley, Pensacola

More recycling

These are additional comments regarding recycling near Perdido Key. I have been coming to this area since 1995 to escape the winter. As previously stated by Melodee (3/18), we had a recycling facility near the Sheriff’s Office last year. We also have recycling near the post office in Orange Beach, but we cannot recycle glass and only aluminum cans, paper/cardboard and plastic bottles.

There should be some place to take all plastic – Nos. 1-7 – stamped in the recycle (triangle) symbol on all plastic containers, from produce and muffin containers and all metal cans, not just aluminum.

According to the Internet, Target stores in Alabama do take glass (all colors). If there isn’t enough room in the bin near the entrance, we can take the glass to the Customer Service counter for handling. The Target stores in Florida should also take our glass to be recycled.

Many of us shop at the Walmart and Target stores on Blue Angel Parkway. It would be very convenient to drop our glass at that Target Store, if we do not shop at the Target on Highway 59.

Hopefully, some changes can be implemented by the time we return in late 2015.

— Janice Hickey, Perdido Key

Plain English

I’m not normally in agreement with the conservative right; however I do have some sympathy for the “religious freedom” laws that states are trying to pass.

The trouble, as usual, with these conservative laws is that they try to broaden the scope of their legislation to the detriment of those with differing lifestyles or points of view. If the religious freedom movement is truly about not being forced to participate in same-sex marriage, why don’t the lawmakers just say so in the laws they are trying to write?

Here’s my simple solution: Call them “the freedom to opt out” laws. State, in plain English, that the intent of the law is to allow persons to refuse to participate in same-sex marriages on religious grounds. Require such businesses to post a sign on their front doors stating such just like the “No shoes no shirt, no service” signs and to place a disclaimer in all their advertising to that effect. This will notify gay couples not to expect to receive services in such establishments and avoid uncomfortable confrontations.

This seems simple enough if what they are saying is truly what they mean.

— Mark Essert, Pensacola


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