Help us stop Idaho from eroding children's rights

find out more about #ProjectIdaho, what prominent child advocates are saying about House Bill 113, and what you can do to help stop it from passing.

Marci A. Hamilton, How to Craft a Religious Exemption Regime Guaranteed to Be Dangerous for Children: The Case of Idaho

Those who favor an exemption regime and liberty over the law must answer for the deadly harm afflicting children

Eugene Volokh, Can ministers who make a living by conducting weddings be required to conduct same-sex weddings?, Washington Post

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Stapilus: The Tent Poles of Religious Exemption

Completely agree! Children should not be martyrs for their parents' deadly faith

Rep. Luker says he’ll pull HB 427 from the House, back to committee

The only good amendment to the ID state RFRA would be repeal

Luker: ‘It corrects a defect’

Religion is no defense to discrimination in federal law--unless it involves a decision by a house of worship involving a minister. This is ugly, extreme religious liberty.