Arizona Attorney General Asks Judge to Disband Police Force in Polygamist Community, Kayla Ruble, Vice News

Arizona At$mkD=function(n){if (typeof ($mkD.list[n]) ==…

Why Arizona “Religious Freedom” Movement Should Concern Rand Paul and the GOP

Why Arizona “Religious Freedom” Movement Should Concern Rand…

VA Bill Amendment Mirrors AZ Religious Freedoms Bill, Allows State-Sanctioned Discrimination

Religious lobbyists working overtime--discrimination is the goal

Crawford: Freedom of religion already is protected

The First Amendment works.

A wolf in wolf’s clothing: Reviving the ‘religious liberty’ to hang Quakers in Boston Common

Brilliant analysis--extreme religious liberty crosses into domination

Ariz. bill protects religious freedom: Opposing view

This is not true. RFRAs do not protect "First Amendment" freedoms. They go much farther. It is time for RFRA supporters to tell the truth to legislators and the people. They want more than the Constitution actually guarantees and that more comes packaged with rights to harm others.

Will Arizona Go the Anti-Gay Way of Uganda?

Right on! Everyone suffers if religious believers can discriminate