Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty - BJC Urges Georgia Lawmakers to Reject RFRA Proposal in Current Form

Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty - BJC Urges Georgia…

Why 'religious freedom' laws could be a license to discriminate | MSNBC

the bills supposedly crafted to protect religious business-owners’ right to discriminate against same-sex couples solely within the context of marriage ceremonies or celebrations could be much broader than their stated purpose

Could Az. controversial 'religious freedom bill' some fear discriminates against gays come to Ohio?

Could Az. controversial 'religious freedom bill' some fear discriminates…

Arizona's Awful "Anti-Gay Jim Crow" Bill Is a Signature Away from Law

Time warp! Who knew the Jim Crow laws would return? And why are they always supported by "good upstanding religious people?"

AZ Senate Passes 'Right to Discriminate' Bill

This should embarrass AZ and is unconstitutional under Romer v. Evans

Hate statute in the name of religion. It's ugly and unconstitutional

On January 16, the Arizona Senate Committee on Government and Environment voted 4 to 2 in favor of SB 1062. The measure would amend Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to among, other things, expand the definition of a “person” to include any individual, association, partnership, corporation, church, estate, trust, foundation, or other legal entity. According to the bill’s opponents, the change would permit businesses in the state to discriminate against LGBT individuals, unmarried women, and non-Christians.