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Obama and religion



Obama claims to be a Christian, but many of his public statements relevant to his professed faith indicate that he does not truly know the Lord. For example, he has said that all religious paths lead to the same place and that we are all God’s children. According to Jesus, there is only one way to heaven, and only those who have been born again by the spirit of God are members of God’s family.

Obama’s knowledge of Islam is no better than his understanding of Christianity. Like his predecessors, Clinton and Bush, he insists that there’s no connection between Islam and the terrorist organizations wreaking havoc in the Middle East. According to some of the world’s foremost experts on Islam, ISIS is practicing the purest form of that religion.

It is true that many terrible things have been done by Christians down through the centuries, but Christianity is not inherently a violent religion. Jesus never killed anyone who rejected his message, nor did he ever instruct his followers to use force in making converts. Muhammad, on the other hand, did use force and permitted himself to engage in bloodshed for the cause of Allah.

Obama maintains that we are not at war with Islam. Well, Islam is at war with us, and we would be better served by a president who understands and is willing to acknowledge this fact.
Religion and discrimination



Most against RFRA are “pro-abortion, pro-gay, anti-God” people, sayeth Charles Perry. Wonder how he knows Accenture, Angie’s List, Disciples of Christ, Eli Lilly, Gen Con, Indiana University, Levi Strauss, NASCAR, NCAA, Salesforce, Apple CEO and a host of others are any of the above?

One needn’t be a theist or against abortion and pro-gays to read this law and understand that its sole intent is to legalize discrimination against the LGBT community and same-sex marriage. One need only review the historical legacy of attempts to legislate such discrimination into the Indiana Constitution and code.
Letters to editor, April 2: RFRA; April Fool’s joke

Perry mentions Sodom and Gomorrah, trying biblically to authorize LGBT discrimination and making clear the importance of repealing RFRA, enacted to assuage the religious right that is fearful of the Supreme Court shortly ruling that all states must recognize same-sex marriage.

Sadly, RFRA justifies the national perception that Indiana is, indeed, a state governed by narrow-minded rubes, pandering to their bases.

Finally, Perry adds, “when we turn our back, as a nation, on Israel, it is all over.” That same conservative base that condones this discrimination also condones Israel’s continued discrimination against Palestinians, Israel’s continued illegal occupation of the West Bank, and its continued erosion of the West Bank and East Jerusalem with its illegal settlements.

That Perry justifies both aspects of discrimination with his Bible gives religion a bad name.

Letters April 17_ Obama and Christianity; RFRA rebuttal