Ian Hoover, Poll Shows 6 in 10 Hoosiers Believe RFRA Was Not Needed, 21 Live

A new poll conducted by the Howey Politics Indiana shows 6 out of 10 Hoosiers thought the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was not needed.

The controversial RFRA drew national and international attention from critics who said the law allowed for discrimination against members of the LGBT community.

Polling data shows 59%believe RFRA was not needed, with 30% saying it was. 48% of Republicans said the act was needed, and 38% said it was needed.

HPI also reports that Governor Mike Pence’s approval rating has suffered considerably.

In a release to the media, HPI wrote”In the 20 years that HPI has been publishing, and in the polling HPI has conducted since 2008, an Indiana governor has never experienced this kind of survey decline in this short time frame.”

Pence’s job approval rating stands at 45%, with 46% disapproving. In February, a public opinion poll conducted on behalf of the Indiana Realtors had Pence’s approval rating at 62%. A poll conducted last fall by Princeton Survey Research on behalf of Ball State had a near identical result. This marks a near 20% approval rating drop in a matter of months.

However, polling data did show that most Hoosiers (55%) thought RFRA was originally designed to protect religious freedom and 28% of Hoosiers thought it was meant to discriminate against against the LGBT community.


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