Conscience Creep: How "Religious Freedom" Spiraled Out of Control

Conscience creep was initiated by law profs and religious lobbyists who misled Congress about the Constitution's religious liberty guarantees.

Reluctant litigants: Hahn family takes its pro-life stance, and Conestoga Wood Specialities, to the Supreme Court

But Marci Hamilton, a professor at Cardozo School of Law, warns that if the for-profit companies win, "we'll all be waiting to see ... which company makes the next assertion of medical care they don't want to cover. My assumption is women and children will be the ones hurt the most."

The Insatiable Demand for Extreme Religious Liberty Under the RFRAs, Part II

In my last Justia column, I set out the extreme nature of the…

Launch Announcement: Hamilton and Griffin on Rights (

We are two constitutional law professors, who want to bring women’s voices and issues to the forefront of constitutional law and law and religion debates.

Religious-freedom advocates turn from ballot to courtroom

They are conceding the impossibility of winning in the political sphere.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act: Protecting religious freedoms or instituting discrimination? (WCPO)

WCPO: they have been misled truth is state RFRA is to give believers rights they never had

My views on Hobby Lobby case in a nutshell

“Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior…

Letters: Religion and the government

Great response to LA Times' thoughtless editorial.

History he leaves out is RFRA was held unconstitutional

History he leaves out is RFRA was held unconstitutional