Bryan Lowryeagle, Kansas religious conservatives want to revive controversial ‘religious freedom’ bill, Topeka Bureau

It’s unclear how similar this session’s bill would be to the original one and who would introduce it.

The Overland Park, Kansas, Anti-Semitic Killer, the Kansas RFRA, the Federal RFRA, and RLUIPA (

It matters whether Miller’s actions arose from religious beliefs, because if so, perhaps he can raise the federal and state RFRAs as a defense.

GOP Lawmakers Want To Define Anti-Gay Discrimination As 'Religious Freedom' (Talking Points Memo)

Good summary of extreme religious efforts to discriminate against gays

With its support of Hobby Lobby, JE Dunn joins cultural debate (Kansas City Star)

Can't make it up--co objects to employees contraception but profits on war.

Religious freedom bill unnecessary in Kansas

and everywhere else!

Gov. Brownback Signs Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act

Gov. Brownback Signs Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom…