Ben Winslow, Religious Liberty Bill slammed as "License to discriminate", Fox 13 News

A new bill that would safeguard religious liberties in Utah is being slammed by gay rights groups as “a license to discriminate.”

Caitlin Macneal, Alabama Probate Judges Won't Issue Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples After Ruling, TPM Livewire

Although a federal judge struck down Alabama's same sex marriage ban on Friday, the the judges responsible for issuing marriage licenses will not begin giving them to gay couples.

Jim Galloway, Baptists take both sides of the ‘religious liberty’ fight

DA right on--extreme relig liberty puts kids at risk

Frank Bruni, Religious Liberty, Bigotry and Gays, New York Times

Christian fundamentalists in this country are practiced at claiming marginalization and oppression. “They’re always saying they’re kept out of the public square, and that’s baloney,” said Marci Hamilton, a constitutional law expert and the author of “God vs. the Gavel.” “They’re all over the public square.”

Black McCoy, Sign Here for Prejudice - Efforts to repeal Plano's ban on discrimination - The Gay Place Daily, The Austin Chronicle

Note push to repeal protections for both gender and sexual orientation.

Indiana Bill Could Allow Business to Say 'No' to Gays

Bad idea

Kathleen Gray, Michigan religious freedom bill stalls in lame-duck session, Detroit Free Press Lansing Bureau

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed the House but is unlikely to be taken up in the Senate this year. Many thanks due to LGBT community for giving all those harmed by religious actors breathing space in MI.

Randi Shaffer, Union Township voices support for LGBT equality following House religious freedom bill, The Morning Sun

Good to see tolerant people in Mich speak up

Activists take to Facebook in attempt to head off anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ bill, Dyana Bagby, The GA Voice

Blinders are off: RFRA is a tool for discrimination and prejudice.