Ben Winslow, Religious Liberty Bill slammed as "License to discriminate", Fox 13 News

A new bill that would safeguard religious liberties in Utah is being slammed by gay rights groups as “a license to discriminate.”

Hawaii latest state to introduce 2015 religious freedom legislation

Hawaii is the sixth state to introduce a standard RFRA bill in 2015.

Chris Srgo, North Carolina’s planned ‘religious freedom’ bills waste time, money on unfairness, News Observer

“religious freedom” bills are not job creators..... Exactly

Abdul: Legislature should forget religious liberty bill Imagine…

Ralston questions need for 'religious freedom' bill, The Atlanta Chronicle

Advocates for Georgia businesses are worried the bill would hurt the state's image with corporate prospects, a similar argument business groups used more than a decade ago in a successful push to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag.

Don Byrd, Indiana, Georgia to Consider RFRA Bills in New Year, Baptist Joint Community for Religious Liberty

Ha ha: RFRA's "careful balance" Fact: New RFRAs are taking an already extreme standard farther

Barbara Harrington, State Senator To File Religious Freedom Bill, Indiana Public Media

The bill would protect businesses who refuse services to same-sex couples because of religious beliefs.

Ricky Leroux, Rep. Teasley trying to pass religious liberty bill again, The Marietta Daily Journal

Ricky Leroux, Rep. Teasley trying to pass religious liberty bill…