Ben Winslow, Religious Liberty Bill slammed as "License to discriminate", Fox 13 News

A new bill that would safeguard religious liberties in Utah is being slammed by gay rights groups as “a license to discriminate.”

Robert Gehrke, HB322 could elevate freedom of religion above other constitutional rights, Salt Lake Tribune

Bad statute. Confused story

Hawaii latest state to introduce 2015 religious freedom legislation

Hawaii is the sixth state to introduce a standard RFRA bill in 2015.

Jane Henegar, Reject legislation that uses religion to cloak discrimination, and practice the golden rule, Daily News

Let’s not give ourselves or others an excuse to discriminate.

Committee Passes Controversial Religious Freedom Bill, Wyoming Public Media

The bill heads to the full House of Representatives for further consideration.

[North Carolina] 'Religious freedom' bill filed amid protest,

Senate Bill 2 would allow any magistrate or register of deeds employee to recuse himself or herself from performing all types of marriage for a period of six months for "sincerely held religious objection."

Wyoming introduces license to discriminate, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Bill

Wyoming is the latest state to introduce 2015 religious freedom legislation.