Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment.


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Hello, friends. I have great news.

For the first time, a university will sponsor a symposium on the subject of religious child maltreatment.
On April 8, from 7 to 9pm, St. Edward’s University in Austin will host “Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment.” At this free event, I will share the stage with noted speakers, including a priest/social worker, a therapist, and a survivor. More information about the event is below and at this link.

I hope those who live in central Texas will attend this groundbreaking event!

Best to you,
Janet Heimlich, Executive Director
The Child-Friendly Faith Project
Symposium at St. Edward’s University:
“Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment”
A religious upbringing is not always a nurturing experience for a child. In fact, many children are abused and neglected by those who believe their actions are mandated by their faith. Examples include failing to report sexual abuse to protect the image of a faith leader or community, physical abuse due to beliefs about “biblical chastisement,” denial of medical care due to beliefs about faith healing, and spurning and terrorizing using religious messages.
On April 8 at 7pm, St. Edward’s University will host a two-hour symposium on the issue of religious child maltreatment featuring experts in the fields of faith, journalism, and child protection, as well as a survivor. The speakers will explain how religious child maltreatment happens and what we can do to stop it.

Time & Location: 
April 8, 2014 — 7:00pm – 9:00pm
St. Edward’s University
Jones Auditorium (Robert and Pearle Ragsdale Center)
3001 S Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704

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