David Hoppe, Hoping Gay Rights Go Away, NUVO

Including LGBTQ in civil rights law will not protect them against RFRA. Only against secular discrimination Civil rights need to be carved out of RFRA. Read Hobby Lobby

Dan Carden, Pence grows communications team following stumbles, NWI Politics

Gov. Mike Pence has added a fifth person to his taxpayer-funded…

Maureen Hayden, 'Pot' church wins tax-exempt status, CNHI State Reporter

Peace, love, pot and a tax deduction. It's not exactly the…

Small Government Spent Big Money To Fight Gay Marriage In Indiana, Chicagoist

According to his campaign website, Indiana Governor Mike Pence…

Mark A. Kellner, Who decides if a law restricts a religious practice? Notre Dame case may provide the answer, Desert National News

DC Cir got it right. Never in US has filling out a form been a viol religious liberty. Bishops goal to impose beliefs on others That is unAmerican

Marine Court-Martialed for Displaying Bible Verse, CBN News

Yes. RFRA does not apply to expression; only conduct. How far do pro-RFRA go here? How about jihadist sayings? Or anti-American, faith-based sayings?

Napp Nazworth, Ted Cruz: Many Republicans Scared of Gay Marriage/Religious Liberty Debate; Some Are Even Running for President, CP Politics

Wow. Cruz opposes big business. RNC lost its way when it started following the pied piper of extreme religious liberty