Shannon Barber, Jon Stewart Blasts RFRA Supporters: Don’t Compare Gay People To The KKK, Addicting Info

Jon Stewart got it then.  He gets it now.

Jon Stewart is back on The Daily Show, and he had a few choice words for those defending Indiana’s anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Namely, he blasted the supporters of the bill, formally known as Senate Bill 101, for their use of Nazi and Ku Klux Klan references in their hateful rhetoric. Stewart began his tirade:

“It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the SATs, but I believe the formulation as you defend yourselves is this: [a lesbian] couple is to Christian business as [Klan members] are to everyone else. Is that what you’re saying? ‘I’m not discriminating, I have nothing against gay people; I’m just saying, for some Christians, catering an elderly lesbian wedding is like making a Jew slow-dance with Hitler.’”

Boom! Stewart is definitely off to his trademark great start with that one. But, of course, GOP bigots are not reasonable, and they’ll see him as attacking their “religious freedom” along with the LGBT community, when all that is being asked for is to be treated like everyone else under the letter of the law.

However, of course, the likes of social conservatives like former Arkansas Governor turned Fox News talking head Mike Huckabee believe that equality for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the narrow world view of evangelical Christians, equality means robbing them of their “freedom.” Stewart had an answer for Huckabee as well:

“Shut up. So when gays want equality, it’s militancy. And when Christians want to deny service, it’s freedom. See, those who are defending this sort of law go very far out of their way to say how it’s not discriminatory towards anybody. Especially gay people — they’ve got nothing against gay people.”

When Indiana’s discriminatory law came under attack from big businesses, citizens, and everyone else with a brain, Mike Pence attempted to defend his own actions, as well as those of his GOP legislature. Obviously he failed miserably and had to hurry up and try to “fix” it. (Of course, it’s still not fixed. The only acceptable fix is complete repeal and a new law that protects LGBT Hoosiers.)

“First of all, can we stop talking about the people of Indiana like they’re a lost tribe from Nostalgistan. Let’s face it — people from Indiana are no nicer or sh*tier than people anywhere else. Except Philly, that’s the worst. And D.C. Really, any [National League] East city.”

Stewart noted that while the “fix” barred businesses from denying services to LGBT people, they can still be fired for being gay, with no non discrimination protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. His response to that fact was, of course, a brilliant closer:

“The lesson here is clear. If you’re in Indiana, and you get fired for being gay, make those motherf*ckers cater your wedding.”

You’re absolutely right, Mr. Stewart. I hope nobody gets fired, but, if it happens, I hope they do exactly as you’re suggesting.

Watch the clip below: