Pam Key, Rand on RFRA: Persuade, Don’t Hit People Over the Head with Laws, Lawsuit, Breit Bart

Wednesday on Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was asked about the Indiana religious freedom law.

“We have had religious liberty from the very beginning [of this country], Paul explained, which and he suggested the power of persuasion instead of “hitting people over the head with a law or lawsuits.”

On the topic of so-called discrimination from Christian businesses, Paul said, “I’m very much a believer in tolerance. I’m very much a believer in respect. And I’m very much a believer that government shouldn’t be involved in these things. And I think what people set up was a red herring here to go to a pizza place and ask if they will cater a wedding. I haven’t  been to a wedding catered by a pizza place yet. So basically it was set up as a straw argument. Even the owners of the pizza place said they don’t discriminate when people come in.  And so I think we really trump up theses things.”

“I ultimately think if you are a Christian and you want to go to Africa and evangelize, the best way to convince people over is through persuasion,” he continued. “And I think the same way no matter what opinion you are trying to promote, that persuasion wins a lot more people over  than hitting people over the head with a law or lawsuits and things like that. So I think society does change gradually over time and society has changed a lot even in the last decade or so. I don’t think we need government or lawsuits to be involved.”

Rand on RFRA_ Persuade, Don’t ‘Hit People Over the Head’ with Laws, Lawsuit – Breitbart