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CUTTER V. WILKINSON (03-9877) 544 U.S. 709 (2005) 349 F.3d 257, reversed and remanded.

A federal law prohibiting government from burdening prisoners' religious exercise did not violate the First Amendment's establishment clause. The Court held that, on its face, RLUIPA made an accommodation allowed by the First Amendment. The Court reasoned that the law was an effort to alleviate the "government-created burden" on religious exercise that prisoners faced. Nor did section three discriminate between mainstream and non-mainstream religions. The Court did point out that constitutional problems could arise if RLUIPA were enforced improperly and religious prisoners received favored treatment, or if religious exercise and security concerns were not properly balanced.

Professor Marci A. Hamilton, TESTIMONY TO THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY S. 1248, The Religious Liberty Protection Act of 1998

This is my testimony in opposition to the Religious Liberty Protection Act (introduced after Boerne and never passed, but the testimony re RLPA was used to defend RFRA and RLUIPA)