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Zack Ford, Universities Rejecting LGBT Students Essential To Religious Liberty, New Coalition Claims, Think Progress

Q: What is the shortest path between a believer and discrimination? A: Extreme religious liberty the Framers would not recognize

Good step but still waiting for Senators to stand up for victims from religious orgs and families

Good step but still waiting for Senators to stand up for victims from religious orgs and families

JOAN FRAWLEY DESMOND, Tolerance, Religious Freedom, and the 2016 Election, National Catholic Register

More propaganda failing to distinguish between extreme religious liberty and actual constitutional protections. Tolerance has to work both ways

Christopher Ingraham, The non-religious are now the country’s largest religious voting bloc, The Washington Post

Interesting statistic for the Conventions to take into account

Story Hinckley, Why the case against Mississippi’s religious objections law was different, The Christian Science Monitor

Inevitable ruling in MS on its apartheid law for gays MS already has most extreme rfra in US.

Arielle Dreher, ‘1523 Demonizes People’: Pastors, Community Leaders File Third Legal Challenge, Jackson Free Press

The wages of extreme religious liberty legislation

DO NO HARM ACT & DNHA Supporter Statements

DO NO HARM ACT Congressman Joe Kennedy III & Congressman Bobby Scott Supporting Organizations: AFL-CIO AIDS United American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU) Americans United for the Separation of Church and State Anti-Defamation League Bend the Arc Catholics for Choice Center for American Progress Center for Reproductive Rights Disciples Justice Action Network Equal Partners in Faith […]

Natasha Lindstrom, ‘In God We Trust’ bill advances in Pennsylvania Legislature, TribLive.com

“Our country is very divided today, and celebrating the motto can help unite us,” said state Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Elizabeth, a longtime advocate for promoting public displays of the motto and its historical ties to Pennsylvania. “Whether you believe in God or not, it’s here to inspire us.”

Peter Holley, Britain issues warning for LGBT travelers visiting North Carolina and Mississippi, The Washington Post

There are gender neutral bathrooms everywhere in Europe. NC is embarrassing the US and MS is too

Caitlin Cruz, Charles Barkley: NBA Should Pull All-Star Game From NC After Anti-LGBT Bill (VIDEO), Talking Points Memo

Thank you Charles Barkley! So true

Professor Marci A. Hamilton’s Top 10 Lists

  • Concise, but informative Top 10 lists relating to religious freedom topics
  • Great for captivating readers who have a minimal background in RFRA/don’t read long articles

Professor Marci A. Hamilton, The Top Ten Recent Extreme, Extreme Religious Liberty Proposals, Hamilton and Griffin on Rights

Over 2014 and into 2015, the United States has been awash with a tidal wave of demands for extreme religious liberty, each becoming more outlandish than the last.