Jenny Jarvie, After Indiana furor, proposed religious freedom law in Georgia dies, LA Times

After 14 months of bitter wrangling, Georgia’s legislative…

Nancy Armour, NCAA's next moves should be out of Indiana, USA Today

RFRA poison pill: NCAA pulls out. Why would they stop w Indiana? If GA or Tx passes a RFRA, won't take long.

Dr. Jay Michaelson, Georgia Bill Helps Wife Beaters, The Daily Beast

Where is NOW and PP in state RFRA fight? Women at risk.

Elton John, Is Georgia Turning Its Back on Tolerance?, Atlanta Forward Blog

Elton John gets RFRA. Other side persists in lies about federal passage -- never unanimous.

Anthony Mkreis, Mike Bowers, Gays, and the Klan, Peach Pundit

Another writer fails to grasp import of least restrictive means test.

Jon Richards, Religious Freedom Bill Is Tabled After an Amendment Wasn’t Allowed to Be Presented, Peach Pundit

View as PDF: Religious Freedom Bill Is Tabled After an Amendment…

Idea for Ad in Every State w Pending RFRA

He said religion gave him the right to make his wife and children obedient.