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If religion is now a legal excuse to discriminate against LGBT people in the state of Indiana, what happens if gay people had a religion of their own?

That’s what YouTube personality Philip DeFranco suggested when he started a GoFundMe campaign for his new “Big Gay Religion.”

“If being gay is part of a religion, you could hypothetically in the future be considered a protected class since being a human being apparently isn’t enough,” DeFranco writes on his GoFundMe page.

The sarcastic new denomination was created to help draw attention to the discrimination the Religious Freedom Restoration Act presents, and is raising money to be donated to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

After raising ten thousand dollars in just 24 hours, DeFranco raised the goal to $20k. Currently at $19, 055, he is very close to meeting his second goal.

“Our religion tells us that all people should be gay,” says DeFranco. “If you’re not gay don’t worry. Our God is very forgiving and understands we are all his creations…I mean what kind of God would make you you and then get angry at you for being you?”

Not a bad question.

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