RELEASE: CAP Issues Recommendations to Restore Religious Liberty and Prevent Third-Party Harm, Center for American Progress

Amendment to RFRA that leaves out protection of children is morally bankrupt

Ken de la Bastide, Time for Anderson to consider RFRA changes, The Herald Bulletin

State and fed should ban LGBTQ discrimination not just cities (not to mention repeal RFRA and restore the First Amendment)

Steve Lieberman, E. Ramapo chief Joel Klein resigns, effective Oct. 31, Lohud

Maybe all Ramapo children will receive the education they need and deserve in future

Dawn Ennis, After RFRA Blowup, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Considering a ‘Utah Compromise’, Advocate

Not a compromise when it sanctions discrimination especially by govt officials

Protect Oregon Children - Immediate Release

Protect Oregon Children - Immediate Release

In wake of Pope Francis, bishops urge Congress to move on religious freedom, CNA Daily News

More pressing issue for Congress: nationwide clergy sex abuse coverup. Look at Australia and Royal Commission for moral high ground

Sarah Posner, Rep Gunning For Boehner's Job Has Long History With Fringey Duggar Ministry, Talking Points Memo

Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) is running as the alternative to House…

Attorney: Kentucky clerk Kim Davis met with pope, CBS News

For Pope there is no distinction between government office and religious leader. He leads a theocracy. We lare a democracy She isn't a CO. She is a human rights violator