Accused child molester claims religion as defense, Good 4 Utah

A Davis County judge will determine if an accused child molester…

Law and Religion

Law and Religion

Ann Werner, Texas Clerk Finds Out ‘Religious Freedom’ Isn’t Free, Liberals Unite

My favorite part: clerk says no forms and they produce online forms

Bob Allen, Coalition opposes taxpayer-funded discrimination, Baptist News

Still waiting for the Coalition to oppose using RFRAs to permit endangerment of children

Betsy Klein and Tal Kopan, Republicans spar over vaccinations, CNN

The Republican presidential primary started to simmer Friday…

Patrick Saunders, LGBT ally Bennett pulls off upset in Georgia House race, Georgia Voice

Taylor Bennett, the 29-year-old political newcomer, pulled off…

Guest Editorial: Equal Protection Requires Equal Treatment, Times Record

Equality is defensible. Discrimination not so much