Michael Stone, First Church of Cannabis takes advantage of Indiana’s new ‘religious freedom’ law, Patheos

Who needs lawmakers when believers can make their own law through RFRA? Unintended consequences

Jennifer Bendery, Connecticut Becomes First State To Boycott Indiana Over LGBT Discrimination Law, Huffington Post

Home of a storied women's basketball program. CT RFRA not as extreme as Indiana's. First state to boycott Indiana

Jeff Swiatek, Angie's List nixes Indy deal over 'religious freedom' law, USA Today

This + plus Apple + NCAA should put fear in hearts of legislators/governors in every state Should also motivate the NFL and MLB and Coke to come forward in Atlanta, GA and do the right thing Threatened backlash is real. NCAA should deliver a message to Arkansas-- it has a huge presence in U. Arkansas Razorbacks: many of its teams recruit student athletes from across the country. It also hosts student athletes from all over, who stay in hotels that could discriminate if Arakansas "Conscience Protection Act" is signed.

Justin Mack, IU, Butler presidents decry 'religious freedom' law, Indy Star

University presidents speak out against RFRA

Susan Ladd, Religious 'Freedom' Act actually promotes oppression, News & Record

Religious 'Freedom' Act actually promotes oppression

Emily Shapiro, Seattle Mayor Prohibits City Employees From Traveling to Indiana, ABC News

Seattle Mayor Prohibits City Employees From Traveling to Indiana