Jon Richards, Religious Freedom Bill Is Tabled After an Amendment Wasn’t Allowed to Be Presented, Peach Pundit

View as PDF: Religious Freedom Bill Is Tabled After an Amendment…

Marci A. Hamilton, How to Craft a Religious Exemption Regime Guaranteed to Be Dangerous for Children: The Case of Idaho

Those who favor an exemption regime and liberty over the law must answer for the deadly harm afflicting children

3d Cir Court: Mandated Birth Control Coverage Doesn't Violate Religious Rights

The 3rd Circuit, based in Philadelphia, is the fourth federal…

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This right-wing effort to resist the increasing tide of LGBT equality began in earnest this time last year in Arizona, memorialized in S.B. 1062.

Ben Winslow, Religious Liberty Bill slammed as "License to discriminate", Fox 13 News

A new bill that would safeguard religious liberties in Utah is being slammed by gay rights groups as “a license to discriminate.”

Professor Marci A. Hamilton, The Vaccine for Pollyanna Attitudes Toward Public Health and Religious Beliefs

Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations and Medical Neglect Need to Be Repealed Now and the Federal Government (and the Insurance Industry) Need to Incentivize the States to Do So

John L. Allen Jr., Forget spanking; bishop accountability is the big pope story, Crux Now

What’s less clear is why the administration insists on continuing in what seems increasingly like an exercise in futility.

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More danger to children from religious practices