Religious challenge to health care law hits high court (USA Today)

"There's a lot at stake here. This is the culture war," says Marci Hamilton, a law professor at Yeshiva University. Already, she says, the country is seeing "an explosion in these types of laws."

Launch Announcement: Hamilton and Griffin on Rights (

We are two constitutional law professors, who want to bring women’s voices and issues to the forefront of constitutional law and law and religion debates.

Religious-freedom advocates turn from ballot to courtroom

They are conceding the impossibility of winning in the political sphere.

ACLU asks Gov. Terry McAuliffe to protect bills that might threaten religious freedom

VA bill: religious freedom for genetics counselor to discriminate

Schock bill addresses religious exemption for health care law

Religious parents may not martyr their children--there should be no exemption for children's health care

Bill gutted after legislation fails in Arizona

‘Religious freedom’ now aimed at higher education

D.C. Briefing on The Supreme Court and Contraceptive Coverage: Legal and Policy Implications

D.C. Briefing on The Supreme Court and Contraceptive Coverage:…

Discrimination in the Name of Jesus: How “religious liberty” is becoming discrimination by another name.

March 11, 2014 Discrimination in the Name of Jesus How “religious…

'Boss Bill' prevents employer's religious beliefs from infringing on women's health care decisions

Now if only NY would not defer to the bishops on child abuse, it could be a moral leader!

VA Bill Amendment Mirrors AZ Religious Freedoms Bill, Allows State-Sanctioned Discrimination

Religious lobbyists working overtime--discrimination is the goal